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Hi I’m Dave Ellis owner of Local Marketing Results the number one internet marketing company in Dartford and the South East and we are now entering the London SEO market place.

I am part of a group of agencies and consultants that rank tens of thousands of highly prized keywords on the 1st page of Google in some of the most hotly contested towns and cities such as London, Nashville and St Louis to name but a few.

So what sets me apart from the many SEO Experts and Search Engine Optimisation Gurus? I hear you ask. Well for one thing I have a undeniable track record for getting sites to the top of page 1 of Google, for proof you can carry out a Google search for either “dartford SEO” or “dartford SEO experts” – I can give you many other examples, and you will see that we dont just occupy the number one spot we dominate the page with sites like Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube Twitter and Dailymotion which does not give the competition a chance. Secondly I carry out all the search engine optimization work myself and do not outsouce any parts to freelancers which allows me a far better level of control over the work carried out.

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If you are a London business and you are not on the first page of Google then you leaving cash on the table for your competitor to clean up with a structured online marketing stratagy.

If you are serious about growing your business with targeted leads and clients then there is only one place for you and that is at the top of the only search engine that matters Google. Please take a moment to complete or discovery page or call 01322 329 493